24 janvier 2006

The Triumvirate of Fun

My 3 favorite things about Lyon
1. The vast array of danse, opera, and theatre to see
2. The delicious and fresh food
3. The fascinating and fun friends I have here

The food and the friends:
Saturday evening was a hit, with the trifecta of fun in full force. My friends and I had a dinner party chez Julia-Louise-Olivia (that's J LO for short). It was really impressive! The food that I brought (tomato bruschetta and a baguette) probably cost me no more than $4, and I got to eat all the other great food that my friends brought. We love food from all over the world - there was thai peanut pasta, salad with balsamic vinaigrette, baked brie with almonds (that was so scrumptious), sauteed pasta, moroccan lentils, and tarte aux framboises. I am trying to remember all the good things I have here so I can bring home some French culture!

La Maison de la Danse:
Compagnie Kafig was incroyable! I was really blown away - by the musique, par les danseurs, by their muscles, tout! To explain, Maison de la Danse is a classy venue where all kinds of danse troupes perform - everything from ballet to modern danse to hip-hop, like Compagnie Kafig. This particular group had a modern/hip-hop/acrobatic twist in their show, Terrain Vague, with latin/electronica inspired music. I particularly enjoyed the music, but also interesting was the set design. The set - movable fences - was fully incorporated into the danse, as were the streetlamp poles - giving meaning to the name Terrain Vague - in that the purpose and use of those elements is ambiguous. The name also seemed to reflect the "terrain vague" of street culture - that there is an element of solitude, danger, mischief, flirtation, warmth, cruelty in everything. Sometimes all at once.