21 janvier 2006

Crepe-A-Mania 2006!

I would like this evening to discuss a very serious topic with you. And that is the delicate task of French crepe-making. Crepes are no ordinary food. Nay, they are a culinary art form. French cuisine at its zenith. A delicassee fit for kings.

And you can spread Nutella on them. That's really the most important thing.

Ce soir, after a stroll about the city in search of a cool place to hang out, we all decided that the best post-stroll activity would be some serious crepe nourishment. This was prompted largely in part by Louise's purchase of a book quite aptly entitled "Oui Chef!". For those of you who are on the next plane out for being dumb, this means Yes Chef! Clearly, it's a classy book.

Time given by recipe to prepare crepes: 10 minutes.
Actual time to make crepes....after about 3 lumpy burnt ones, a few raw ones that stuck to the pan, and a few bowls of melted butter... about 1 hour.

So today, we applaud you, Ms. Foreign-Student-Hungry-Crepe-a-Nutella-et-Sucre-Maker. For realizing that the crepe is only ready to flip when it is cooked all the way through is a secret known only to geniuses of our age, and you.

In other news, I'm done with PRUNE! No more class until Jan 30!! Now if the French department will only post their class schedule! What's that you say? No scheduling online? No COD-like brochure? Mais non. En France, university students are basically given a pre-made schedule at the beginning of the semester of all the classes they need to take for their major, and that's it. So they have no need to go course shopping or pick classes or know when times are or any of that crazy stuff. It's us lucky international students (I attribute anything I do, whether stupid or brilliant, to being international) who get to figure out on Wednesday before classes start when and where and what the classes actually are. As soon as I can get that done, I'm off to Geneva!

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Em a dit…

mmm, crepes with nutella? haven't had those since middle school french class i think? i don't remember making those at poquoson.


Em a dit…

i swear i tried to post a comment earlier, and it didn't work....so here's my second attempt....

crepes rock, haven't had those since middle school maybe? make me some crepes!