24 janvier 2006

Dimanche sur Lyon

A bit of beautiful-and-windy day elation on Sunday morning. That's the Rhone and the Croix Rousse section of Lyon in the background.

The Artisans' Market
Now I might have mentioned the produce market in an earlier entry, but on this particular Sunday I ventured to the other side of the river to the Artisan market. What was I expecting? Suspicious-looking vendors selling handmade jewelry. What did I find? Something much more delightful! The artists of Lyon come out to display their artwork - making this closer to an outdoor gallery than a marketplace! It's truly amazing some of the talent here in this city. Rarely will you see such a melange of artistic styles in the same arena - everything from bucolic pastels to polished wood sculptures to mosaics, african-style paintings, modern and post-modern art. My mouth was gaping open as I strolled through the market. I will have to return in the future so I can see more of what Lyon's artists have to offer.

Scenic views of Lyon
It being such a beautiful day, I could not pass up the opportunity to stroll along the river and take some photos of the Saone river and Vieux Lyon.
The Saone. Presqu'ile on the left, Vieux Lyon on the right.
One of many pedestrian bridges linking the Presqu'ile (downtown) to Vieux Lyon. Ten minutes earlier, there was a little brass ensemble playing music on this bridge, which gave a really festive atmosphere to going to the market.

A postcard-esque picture with Fourviere and the um...mini Tour Eiffel? Its actually used as a communications tower now.

A closer zoom of Fourviere.
The Roman ruins.
It's really neat how beautiful architecture like this church finds itself right in the middle of all these other regular city buildings.

The hills of the Croix Rousse. And birds! It looks smoggy but those are just clouds.
That's my school! Universite Lumiere Lyon 2, on the Rhone river. I think the water here looks much prettier than the Saone.