11 mai 2006

a nice weekend :)

I had a pretty great end to the Month of Awesome before the Three Weeks of Exams began. Ove (my favorite swedish boy) came to visit. It was great :) We relaxed and hung out, walked around Lyon, I showed him the all the major sights around here. He brought some yummy swedish food and some funny movies (and himself)...so I got some culture in my weekend too. Definitely one of the best weekends so far. I can't wait to go back there to visit him the first week of June :)

The Story of Needing to Weightlift Just To Eat
We spent awhile wandering around for a cozy restaurant. Not an easy task as the boy is picking in choosing a restaurant when treating a girl :) We finally stumbled upon a place near Rue Merciere (which as I just learned the other day in class used to be a prostitution district until in the 60s and 70s they decided to complete reconstruct it into a restaurant district and make the buildings look more uniform...interesting huh?). The only thing this particular restaurant served was something called tartine. Not really knowing what that meant, we decided to give it a go anyway (we have adventurous bellies). Out comes this delicious looking toasted french bread with brie, honey, and walnuts on it. I'm about to pick it up with my hands when the serveuse whips out a fork and a knife for each of us. I'm talking like steak knife here, folks. This was no easy task...the toasted bread was pretty solid. Moral: "tartine" actually comes from the old French word for "impossible to cut through, muscles required to eat your meal...not for the weak!!"

Photo Op:
Instead of posting pictures on here (huge pain), I'm going to put them on another site. Just click on the links and you should be able to see them.

Pictures from the Parents' Visit to Lyon

Corsica - Ajaccio and Calvi

Corsica - Bonifacio (the south)

Corsica - Porto Vecchio (the west)

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