16 mai 2006

examens = blah

So now it's exam time. I finished a paper after working on it around the clock this weekend. I have another two tests and a project to do still. It's rough. I've been sitting in the library all afternoon long, while the sun and the passerby are outside. I hate being trapped in like this while there is a whole foreign land out there! Kind of sad :( I just want to get through to the 26th!

so here's my schedule for all who are interested.

now - May 26: exam period
May 27-30: packing, saying goodbyes
June 1-7: visiting Ove in Sweden...spending a couple days in Stockholm and then visiting where he lives in Uppsala. cultural differences hilarity promises to ensue.
June 8: Flying back home to the US
June 12: Moving in to Charlottesville for the summer

1 commentaire:

Em a dit…

have fun in sweden! ;)

looks like i'm going to be staying in D.C. for good after the internship? we'll see.