31 mai 2006

my last whole day in France!!

Can you believe it??

I finished my exams on May 26. What a relief!! I had an intense 3 weeks or so of writing papers and studying for tests. I spent one week studying about 5 nights in a row until 5am every night for my grammar test. Luckily it was just what I expected on the test so it was worth it.

I did a "dossier" (like a research project sort of paper) for my art history class on my section of town called "La Guillotière." It actually has quite an interesting history, since it was originally not a part of Lyon back in the 18th cent and earlier. It has its own personality based on the fact that it was a city of transit... Ok well I found it interesting. And now I can tell you all about the streets and stuff like that :)

Since then, I have been sleeping...reading...running...packing....buying souvenirs.... It is really not all that exciting to tell the truth! But I am going out for dinner tonight with the roommate so that should be nice :)

It has been a very interesting trip and I will miss many parts of it, but I will be glad to return home to my friends, school, and family. Speaking of which, I just learned a new phrase in Swedish (of all languages, right?)..."Borta bra men hemma bäst" which means "Good to be away but best at home." I think it is a good one to know :)

See you all June 8 !!

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