11 mars 2006

The "On verra"

A decision was reached. We went out in the rain, after la fete chez les voisins didn't work out (trop de monde!), to Ayers Rock Cafe. 2 bridges of walking later, Wet Jacket and Drippy Purse go home, leaving Soaked Pants and Bleeding Mascara to persist on to the café. Sketchy I and Sketchy II greet us with an offer to warm up with dancing with them, but only them. We refuse by pretending not to understand "juh nay parle pass?". The sound of conversations only 5 inches from our ears and sweaty bodies pushing past us turn us off in search of more ambiant surroundings. Soaked Pants becomes Growling Belly, and the only kebab shop still open welcomes us with its meat pockets of absolute scrumptiousness and free espresso for being such good patrons. No-Longer-Growling-Belly and No-Longer-Bleeding-Mascara now satisfied and dry, we "non, nous sommes americaines" our way through questions of our nationality, questions of if there are Turks in the States, and questions (offers, rather) of international friendship. A good night, with plenty of promise for future good times.

Running news:
It is decided. Laura and Louise Attack the Marathon de Lyon! (louise attack is a french band...) 10 K (thats about 6 miles)...wish us bon courage!

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