21 mars 2006

le printemps est arrivé!

The story of why we sang Aretha Franklin songs in the street:
Happy Spring everyone! It is beautiful in Lyon now. The sun is shining, it's warm enough to not have to wear a scarf (although it's recommended still to be stylish :) ). If you can measure spring by when you don't need a jacket anymore, it has definitely arrived because I didn't need one when I went running today. Man, running in the warm spring breeze is the best thing ever. Actually, running in the warm spring breeze in France is the best thing ever. In fact most things in France this semester are the best thing ever. So much elation going on in my head right now...

The story of what happens when you have a student discount:
I finally got myself to the Musée des Beaux-Arts (museum of fine arts) yesterday. Free student admission, I just waltzed right in! It was not spectacular, but still very nice, very much the "city fine arts museum" that many French towns seem to have. I browsed through half of it before they closed, seeing mostly paintings. There was something I found interesting - a series of paintings that this one artist had worked on for most of his career, and each painting went along with parts of a long poem that he wrote. Other than that, just your average offering of religious and impressionistic works. I didn't get to see the floor with antiquities, that will be for another day!

I turn 21 in 3 days!! Stay tuned for The Story of Four Girls in Amsterdam.

The story of why I am trying to contain my excitement:
Finally, I have decided when and where I am going to be traveling next month. Before it was just up in the air, now there is actually a plan! REALLY super excited about April. It is going to be the best month yet!
Upcoming Plans:
1) Sweden, ie, The Story of Laura trying to tell Ove things in bad Swedish and it being really kinda hilarious.
2) Parents are visiting! ie, the Story of Laura Being a Translator For the Week.
3) South of France/Corsica for spring break with Louise, ie, The Story of Two Girls vs The Island Folk.

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