09 avril 2006


*obligatory image of protesters right outside my window*

It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend here in Lyon. I didn't have anything to do on Friday, so I went for a little hike up the hill of Fourviere.

View of the basilica from partway up the hill. Hurrah for green things! Cloud count=0.

That long street in the middle (the vertical one) is the street that I live on! Cloud count = still equal 0.

Woohoo, I love looking out over the city! The section with the red roofs is the Presqu'ile (downtown, middle of city). The part past that is the Rhone river and then the Part Dieu with the big pencil building (commercial area = shopping :P ).

Tower of Lyon. Not really worth approaching any closer. Clouds? no.

Yay, so high up! See how pretty it is? Totally worth the hike.

Man looking over the side, all pensive like.

Cloud count= why even count? Ohh! really cool thing about this picture. If you look between the clock tower and the basilica, you can see a tiny white dot....That's the moon.

Little more of the greenness around the hill :)

Ah, yes, the trail through the park. That's more like it. I think I must have walked by about every romantic couple in France during my little hike up the hill (sigh), but they're not in the picture :P

So basically, if you haven't been up here yet...you should:)

I'll take potpourri for $1000, Alex...
super random paragraph of things that have nothing to do with each other: Still no classes. Sigh. I started reading a book for my thesis project instead. It's fantastic - it's called Les Ombres Mortes (Dead Shadows) par Christian Roux (french detective noir author). I'm excited because the french dept advisor really seemed to like my idea and was very supportive of all that, even extending the deadline for me. My group of friends here is starting to invite more french people to our dinner soirees, which is a good thing, it's like fun times with French and English slang. we had a lot of fun with making sushi last night, so I think that's one thing I'll take home with me :) Classes start Monday, wow, tough having a Sunday that's actually like a ...Sunday. Running buddy and I are finally getting to the middle of our training, they've got us running about 2 miles straight now. Never did that before, so woohoo. Trying to get plans together for this summer, which means apartment hunting- through - email. Go for the place close to my job or the place with the super sweet amenities? hmm. Also -starting to think of fun things to do for this summer... it's going to be hard to top my italy summer and my camp echo summer, but I think I can do it :)

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Anonyme a dit…

I'm totally using that view of cours Gambetta as my wallpaper, just so you know. Glad to see everything's going well - it's fabulous weather out here, I wish I could take pictures myself.