05 février 2006

crazy weekend

The Story of How the Weekend changed from Friday-Saturday to Wednesday-Sunday

Wednesday: go to Bread and Cheese party hosted by the Michelots for the American students. Eat various kinds of creamy luscious fromages, followed by the most beautiful chocolate desserts I have ever seen. Stomach says, "oh la la." Note to stomach: check out patisserie on Ave. Jean Jaures that Mme Michelot recommended to me.

Thursday: Classes are over for the week! Hurrah! I even had time to take a nap in the afternoon. Later, Caro randomly asks if I want to go out with her to her friends' apartment, where at least 10-15 of her French friends have gathered, and I have a fun time talking with some of them.

friday: see french movie with french friend, understand maybe 75% of it, but it is funny nonetheless. am glad not to be seeing an american movie with french subtitles for once! return chez moi, where I make plans to hang out with a couple friends around 12. go out dancing until 3am. "funk" night at le Sirius turns out to be reggae-slash-Austin Powers soundtrack. it is cool how that place always has a different style of music! on the way there, we are asked repeatedly by 16-year-olds where "le Fish" is and make notes to ourselves not to go there unless we want to ask people what middle school they go to.

saturday: wake up in the afternoon, swearing up and down that I will not stay out super late two nights in a row. Begin day by doing good things - I go on a cleaning spree with the roomie, apartment looks fantastic now. Also make studious and successful attempt at getting organized for classes. Then Louise calls at midnight to see if I want to hang out and go dancing again. As boredom is threatening to ruin me, I gladly accept. Just like Herve (crazy CIEF teacher) practically demanded, we went out and spoke french very loudly to locals. So it was an academic experience, no kidding. Return super late, again, exhausted, but glad that the weekend has been fun.

sunday: I'm looking forward to seeing the Lyon soccer game tonight! a bientot!